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Enable the process of self-discovery to maximize one’s potential

WOW’s mission is to help individuals discover their strengths, provide a platform and training to develop personalities; aid positive transformation resulting from enhanced self-confidence and self-belief; help transcend barriers over time by reaching a little higher each day.

Mrs. Anuradha Kumar, Founder and Chief Trainer @WOW is a trained Montessori teacher with many years of teaching experience. Anuradha has worked with children in USA and India; she has the rare ability to connect instantaneously with people of all ages, particularly children; her words and actions bear a signature of human touch. Anuradha possesses a Master’s Degree in Child Care & Education; Diploma in Montessori Teacher’s Training and has taken courses in counseling psychology.

Mr. Pundi Ashok, Co-Founder, has more than 15 years of corporate experience and provides the strategic direction for WOW. Ashok contributes to the material and content of WOW workshops. Ashok earned his MBA from Cornell University and also holds a master’s degree in Computer Science.

Mr.T.S.Kumar, Mentor-in-Chief @WOW is an industrialist, successfully running a business for more than 35 years. Mr. Kumar serves as a great example for success that was built on self-confidence and perseverance.
Evolution of WOW

The founder, Mrs. Anuradha started out as a teacher and enrichment activity instructor in a school set up. Over time however, she realized that performance of children was often hindered not from lack of preparation, but because of lack of self-confidence. As a teacher, she was able to bring transformation in her students by implementing soft skill strategies as part of her lesson plan. The success of which prompted her to reach out beyond the realm of classroom and help enhance the self-confidence and self-esteem in more children. With immense support and encouragement from her family members, what started out as a freelance workshop for improving communication skills in children living in her complex, gradually blossomed in to ‘Wisdom Of Words’. The journey has started….We hope to touch and transform many lives…